Application for Postgraduate Housing

Section A—Personal Particulars

  1. Current / New:
  2. Academic Programme:
  3. Local / Non-local:

  4. (Please do not send in the application until you have been formally accepted by the University and have a definite date of arrival.)
  5. Title:
  6. Sex:
  7. Marital Status:
  8. Course Duration: (years)
  9. Current Year of Study:

Section B—Move-in Details (Your application will not be considered if you fail to complete this section)

  1. Proposed Move-in Date
  2. Type of housing required
    Please indicate your priority: 1—top priority; 2—second priority; and so on
    Hall Room
    Only Double Shared Room will be offered
    Single Flat
    HKU Residential Colleges (Jockey Club Student Village III)
  3. In case you cannot get a place in your preferred residence, would you like other residences to consider your application?
  4. #If you would like to apply for residence in a family flat in Pokfield Road Residences or a double room (for married couples) in the Graduate House, please fill in the following information, and send a photocopy of your marriage certificate to send to the offices of the halls / residences concerned after submitting this application form online.
    HKU Staff/Student?

Section D—Declaration

Application for Postgraduate Housing íV CEDARS
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