CEDARS Registration - Psychosocial Well-being Survey (Undergraduate)

The information collected in this survey aims at understanding the psychosocial needs of each new full-time undergraduate student. Information will be analyzed in aggregated form. Data will be destroyed one year after your completion. Please choose the most appropriate answer to each of the questions below.

  • Visual or Hearing Impairment視障或聽障
  • Physical Disability 肢體傷殘
  • Dyslexia讀寫障礙
  • Learning Disabilities 學習障礙
  • Autism / Asperger Syndrome 自閉症/亞氏保加症
  • Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder 注意力不足/過度活躍症
  • Chronic Medical Illness長期病患

 Professional counsellors at CEDARS-CoPE are here at HKU to provide psychological support and counselling to you.
Please contact our counsellor at (Tel) 3917 8388 or (Email) cedars-cope@hku.hk to discuss your condition or personal issue(s).

10.The Counselling and Person Enrichment (CoPE) Section of CEDARS offers Enrichment Workshops and Programmes that directly address individual needs and concerns you might have when adapting to life at HKU.

 Which of the following will you be interested in receiving first-hand information about? (can choose more than one option)

a. Confidence & Social Communication (improve self-confidence through image, presentation, networking training, and speed dating experiences)

b. Relaxation & Resilience (learn different ways to relax and recharge your mind)

c. Thinking & Study Skills (learn about general study skills and problem solving for university education)

11.CEDARS-CoPE offers opportunities for you to support your peers and to make friends in different ways. Which of the following service learning opportunities will you be interested in receiving first-hand information about? (can choose more than one option)

a. Survival Cantonese (practice daily Cantonese phrases)

b. Peer English Tutoring (practice English oral skills)

c. SEN Support Peer Impact Network (promote social inclusion and support people with special educational needs or a disability)

d. Mental Health First Aiders (offer support to friends who have a mental health condition)

Please tick or cross the  below to indicate your agreement as appropriate:

I would like to get individualized feedback from a counsellor of CEDARS-CoPE Section.

I would like to receive more information about programmes mentioned in Q10 and/or 11.

If you tick any of the above two boxes, please leave your details below. We will contact you in good time. Identifiable information will be kept confidential. No unnecessary promotional material will be sent to you.

*The information is collected for identifying individuals whose data are protected by the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). CEDARS takes the protection of your personal data seriously. The information collected by means of this form will be treated in strictest confidence. For our Privacy Policy Statement, please access: https://hku.hk/about/policies_reports/privacy_policy.html.